How to backup your MySQL database with phpMyAdmin

You can easily create a dump file(export/backup) of  databases in your account. In this post I’ll show you a short tutorial on how to do it starting from your cPanel.
1. Enter into you cPanel and open phpMyAdmin

cpanel menu

2. The phpMyAdmin tool will be loaded shortly. You can select the database that you need to backup from the Database menu (located in the upper left corner of the page).


3. A new page will be loaded in phpMyAdmin showing the selected database. In order to proceed with the backup click on the Export tab:

phpmyadmin export

4. The options that you should select apart from the default ones are Save as file (which will save the file locally to your computer in an .sql format) and Add DROP TABLE (which will add the drop table functionality if the table already exists in the database backup) as it is shown below:

export options

5. Click the Go button to start the export/backup procedure for your database:

export start

6. A download window may pop up prompting for the exact place where you would like to save the file on your local computer, but it is possible that the download will start automatically (this depends on your browser’s settings).

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