MySqlBF: GUI tool to backup your MySQL database through phpMyAdmin

Last time we talked about how to restore your MySQL database from a backup with phpMyAdmin. Let’s continue to review other tools to work with mysql database backups.
MySql Backup FTP (in short MySqlBF) is a GUI tool for automating MySQL database backup. In addition to TCP/IP connection it has a unique feature of backing up MySQL database through phpMyAdmin. It is often the only way to connect to many hosted MySql databases where TCP/IP connection is restricted. No other tool other than MySqlBF currently allows automating backups through phpMyAdmin. This post will explain indetails how to set it up.

Connect to MySql Server

Launch MySqlBF tool and click “Connect to MySql Server” button. Supply phpMyAdmin URL and login credentials on the “Connect” dialog:

MySql Connection Window

Click “Test MySql Connection”:

MySql Connection Test

Select databases for backup

After saving the connection you can select the databases that you would like to backup right on the main window:

MySql Database List

Configure backup destination

Click “Add backup destination” link to select where to send the backups for storage:

MySql Backup Destination

Configure destination, for example if you’ve selected to send backups to an FTP server – specify the host address and login:

MySql Backup Destination Configuration

You can specify many export options in Main Window -> Advanced Backup Settings -> More SQL Options…

MySql Backup Output file Options

Run MySql backup

Now it’s time to aave job settings and press “Run Now” button:

MySql Backup Log Window

That’s all. You can schedule this backup  and can be certain that your data is always safe even if you have no a direct access to the host where your database is.

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